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Norm B. Taylor

This page is about my fur baby, Norm Beauregarde Taylor. Some of my past students referred to him as "Professor Norm" due to his many appearances during my Zoom classes. Let's get to know him!

Adoption Day

I adopted Norm from the Stanislaus County Animal Shelter in August 2019. He was 15 weeks old. We celebrate his birthday on May 9th. 


Grading Papers

Professor Norm enjoys grading as much as I do! Actually, he was just waiting for the paper. Fun fact: He likes to chew paper, cardboard, stucco, wooden beds, bathroom doors, pretty much anything.


Perfect Office-Mate

During the pandemic, Norm was my office-mate. He was courteous and respectful. Nevertheless, he was actually interested in my work (and probably the only one at that)!


First Bath

Fun fact: I am somewhat allergic to cat dander so when Norm came home, I needed to bathe him (to reduce the dander). Turns out, he loves baths! He likes to paddle under the faucet (while I hold him).


Buckle Up!

Norm likes to travel but he hates the cat carrier. So as a compromise, I let him sit on my lap. However, he absolutely must wear a seatbelt (safety first!).


On the Phone (One Moment Please)

Norm is a very busy boy. He takes my important phone calls all day (that's probably why no one calls back).

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